Warm up with Keith Egan

One of our A-Team at Carton, Keith Egan has very kindly prepared a video for us and shared some very basic exercises that will help members with warming up. So no excuses, we can all get back to golf in the right way with some important first steps before ever hitting that first ball.

Wide stance, touch the ground; 

Great way to warm up your hamstrings, glutes and lower back. Since you haven’t played in months, it’ll be crucial to warm these muscles that are essential for your golf game.

Pelvic Flexion/Extension; This exercise is very beneficial for golfers to help warm up the lower back which is generally put under a lot of stress during the golf swing. You can do this exercise throughout the round if you feel any tightness in your lower back.

Upper body rotation; 

Set up in a 5 iron posture with the club across your chest, rotate your upper body as much as possible while keeping your lower body still. This will work on the separation between upper and lower body. Do this exercise for 45 seconds before you play and it’ll help you free up for that first tee shot.

Lower body rotation; 

Again, set up in a 5 iron posture with the club across your shoulders and rotate your lower body as much as possible. This will help warm up your lower back and glutes. The two biggest problems with golfers when they don’t warm up is their shoulder turn and the movement of their lower body. These exercises will help both.

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