Carton House Mens Club WINTER LEAGUE

 [Latest winter league table] 

2022 Winter League Schedule
Week Dates Format Course
1.       Jan 8/9, Stableford, O'Meara
2.       Jan 22/23, Stableford, O'Meara
3.       Jan 29/30, Stableford, Montgomerie
4.       Feb 5/6, Stableford, O'Meara
5.       Feb 19/20, Stableford, O'Meara
6.       Feb 26/27, Stableford, Montgomerie 

Winter Handicaps
As of 2021, Winter Handicaps are no longer supported by ClubV1/HowDidiDo since the introduction of The World Handicap System.  We will use an Adjusted Stableford scoring system instead of adjustments to the Winter Handicaps as we did in previous years. 

How it all works      
  • Winter League will run for 6 weeks – 8/9 January to 26/27 February inclusive.
  • Each competition will be a Singles Adjusted Stableford competition, 12 holes on the O’Meara Course (holes 1 to 9, 13, 17 and 18) and 11 holes on the Montgomerie Course (holes 6 to 12, 15 to 18).
  • The handicap allowance will be 68% of the course handicap on the 12-hole O’Meara competitions, and 58% of the of the 11-hole Montgomerie course.
  • The competitions will be non-qualifying, placing will be determined by weather conditions and will be noted on the competition sign-in message
  • Prizes will be awarded to the five places each week
  • League Points will be allocated to the top 20 players based on the Adjusted Stableford results each week; 20 points for 1st, 19 points for 2nd, down to 1 point for 20th.
  • The overall league will be based on four best results for each player.
  • A 18-hole playoff for the top four in the league will be held on the Saturday, March 2nd (weather permitting)
  • If any day, or weekend competition cannot be played for any reason then it will not be rescheduled 

Adjusted Stableford
  • A Stableford adjustment will be applied to the top three scores each week and will be applied to the next competition: 
    Winner Adjustment - 3 points,
    2nd Place Adjustment - 2 points,
    3rd Place Adjustment – 1 point
  • The adjustment will be subtracted from the stableford points from the next competition to give the Adjusted Stableford points.  The Adjustments will be reduced by 1 point for each subsequent competition until it reaches zero.
  • Players input their gross scores based on the playing. handicap as normal – the adjustments will be made by the Competitions Committee.
  • The League table will be published on the Member’s website each week.

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