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  • New Members


    There is a full programme of competitions at Carton House with the weekend competition a two day competition on Saturday and Sunday and mid-week competitions on Wednesday. There are also a range of semi -open and open competitions throughout the year with details in your Carton House diary and on the Club website. Booking for competitions and all casual tee times is through the Club Website. 
    Just to let you know that there is a waiting list facility on the booking site if you don’t succeed getting a slot at your preferred time for the weekend competition. 

    Practice Facilities 
    Carton House members have full access to the club driving range and practice facilities. There is a ball dispenser just before the arch at the side of the pro shop with tokens available in the pro shop.Carton House members also have free access to the GUI facilities on production of their Carton House GUI card.
    At present we are running a number of Night on the Range evenings where the two club pro’s Harry and Seb will take you through a session designed to help you to get the most out of your practice sessions. 

    NB The nights of the 17th and 19th of May were reserved for new members to give you an opportunity to meet up and get to know some of your fellow new members.
    Seb and Harry are also offering 6 week group coaching sessions designed to tune up all aspects of your game.
    Details and booking for the group lessons and the Night on the Range sessions are available from the pro shop. 

    Golf Trolleys 

    Carton House members have free access to pull trolleys and again tokens are available in the pro-shop.

    Electric trolleys and golf buggies can be hired from the pro-shop. 


     The Club issues fortnightly newsletters which contain updates on everything going on in the Club as well as including full details of results, teams and upcoming events.
    Members are also directed towards the club website which has comprehensive details of all things Carton House Golf Club 

    There is a Facebook group called "Carton House Mens Club" - please feel free to join.


    Carton House is an active participant in all the major GUI team competitions as well as hosting many of the national finals in 2016 and 2017. Paul Duff is the Teams Co-Ordinator and Paul would sincerely encourage everybody to participate in the teams as a player or supporter. As new members, there is no better way to get to know fellow members and feel part of Carton House and I would certainly endorse Paul’s encouragement to come out and get involved. 

    Handicaps and Handicap Transfers 

    All new members must complete the Handicap set up form provided by Francis on joining. If you are new to golf or have not been a member of a golf club last year, please complete 54 holes (18 holes or nines) on either of the Carton courses and put all the signed cards together in an envelope in the men’s competition box (for attention of HC sec). If you are transferring from another club, just provide your details on the form (Francis will have provided it to you) and send your Cert to (or in envelope in mens comp box). Remember you can only be a home player of one club and it is your responsibility to ensure your handicap is set up and correct. The Handicap secretary Paul Mullarkey can only implement what is provided to him and he is more than willing to help in any way with any queries or issues in relation to handicaps. Paul can be contacted at 

    Costs for Weekly Competitions 

    The costs for entry into the normal weekly competitions is included in your Mens Club sub.
    This obviously excludes any guest fees. 


    Carton House runs a number of social nights and again the costs for your attendance at these nights is included in your Men’s Club sub. Carton House is a sumptuous venue and we are very fortunate to be able to enjoy the full facilities of the “Old House”, the hotel and the clubhouse for our events.
    Some events are with partners and some are stag. Again it’s a great way of getting to know other members and I can certainly assure you that in keeping with the ethos of the Club, formalities and “stuffiness” are kept to the absolute minimum.
    The next event is the Presidents Prize evening on the 18th of Jun and it would be great to see you there.
    Apart from the formal events, we would very much encourage you to drop into the Members lounge after your round for a tea or coffee and by the way .. teas and coffees are now available free!  

    Team Carton 

    In Carton House we are constantly looking at ways to improve our member’s golf experience. This year, there are a number of new initiatives under way including Ready Golf, the Night on the Range, the skills development programme and the availability of FootJoy slacks, top and a golf shirt in the Team Carton colours for €135. The Team Carton kit is great value and even better if you avail of your GUI card discount for the purchase.
    We are in frequent discussion the Club House staff and management around what we can do better. The free teas and coffees in the Members Lounge came out of these discussions and we are currently looking to refine the food offerings and service structures to cater for the increased numbers of golfers using the Club House.
    There will be a number of further initiatives under the Team Carton banner in 2016 so watch the newsletter for further details. 

    Ladies Club 

    There is a very active Ladies Club in Carton House and we both work together on a number of events and teams. If you are aware of any ladies who are interested in playing golf in Carton House please don’t hesitate to contact Francis Howley. 

    Junior Club 

    Carton House has a very active Junior Club with participation at all levels from the beginners to the handicappers. There is a full junior programme in place which seeks to nurture skills and enjoyment while encouraging respect for the game and for fellow golfers.
    The Junior Club has been a successful academy for the Irish national teams and Carton House juniors have participated with great distinction at all levels of provincial and national teams.
    The junior golf package is really attractive and again don’t hesitate to contract Francis Howley or the Junior Convenor, Colin Cunningham or any of his team if you have any aspiring Rory’s or Rebecca’s at home. 

    Golf Etiquette ( A few little reminders) 

    • Members can only book in to one day of the weekend competitions
    • Members can participate in any of the weekend competitions outside the competition slots by entering as normal on the competition computer in advance of your round and returning a score card signed by a marker who is a member of the GUI post round. Completed scores to be entered into the computer as normal before 5pm on the Sunday of the competition 
    • The Carton Golf courses are big golf courses and it does take time to get around them, especially on competition days. We would encourage you to be patient if the pace of golf is sometimes slow and as a golfer we would strongly urge that you adopt Carton’s Ready Golf programme which is designed to cut down on unnecessary delays on the course and speed up the pace of play.
    • If you are unable to play in your booked slot, please cancel out of the slot as early as you possibly can and at the latest by 6pm on the day before your slot. ‘No-Shows” are an issue in every club and are something we as a committee take very seriously in Carton House. 
    • Please make sure to enter all relevant scores in the computer and place the card, appropriately completed, in the Men’s card box. Failure to return cards ( even if they contain a NR) distorts the calculation of the standard scratch on the day and makes the administration of the handicap system more difficult. 
    • In Carton House we have superb greens all year round. Let’s keep them that way. Repair the pitchmarks, replace the divots and rake the bunkers. We would encourage everyone to go that “little bit extra” because the Carton House golf courses are certainly worth it and deserve it!