Pace of Play

For the enjoyment of all members we ask that you adhere to the following:

Tee Times- Please ensure you arrive at the first tee at least 5 minutes before your allotted tee time. Missing your tee time will result in a 2 shot penalty. Being 5 minutes late will result in disqualification

Keep Up – Your place on the golf course is immediately behind the players in front and NOT in front of the players behind.

Note: If your group is consistently holding up a group behind move on smartly or let them through unless you are being held up as well.

Speak Up - If your group is falling behind a special effort needs to be made to catch up, it is everybody’s duty in the group to speak up. However please be respectful at all times and never shout across the course as it can cause inappropriate embarrassment.

Provisional’s – If there is a possibility of your ball being lost or out of bounds, immediately play a provisional.

Start the Clock – After 3 minutes looking for a lost ball, under the rules of golf the ball is lost. Once you commence searching, start the clock.

Next tee – When you arrive at a green, place your golf bag on the way to the next tee.

Move on – Don’t practice ‘missed putts’ while others are waiting!

Be ready – When it’s your turn, have a club selected in your hand or be ready to putt, read your putt while you wait for your turn. Play ready golf.

Play Away- Except in Match play, don’t always wait on others – if sensible and agreeable to your partners, play ‘Ready Golf’.

Please remember to always

  • Repair pitch marks (not just your own)
  • Rake Bunkers
  • Replace divots
  • Use bins provided

Watch a video from the R&A on course etiquette.

No Shows & Cancellation of Booking
  • Not turning up for a competition tee time booked in your name is deemed a no-show.
  • Cancellation after close of pro shop on the day preceding the competition is deemed as insufficient notice and a no show.
  • If you have a valid reason for not turning up or cancelling your tee time after the close of pro shop on the preceding day your explanation should be emailed to within 48 hours to avoid further sanctions.
  • Sanction for ‘No Shows’: automatic suspension from the following weekend competition

Double Bookings
Only one entry will be allowed into the weekend competitions, either Saturday or Sunday. No DOUBLE booking allowed. 
  • A member may only book either Saturday or Sunday on the BRS within competition time.
  • Please note that if you have double booked for the weekend’s competition, your name will be removed from both days, resulting in you having to rebook on the timesheet.

Non Returns of Card
To help reduce the incidents of non-returns players are requested; In a QUALIFYING singles competition:

  • Not to enter the competition, knowing you are unable to finish it.
  • If you are unable to complete a hole please return an NR for that hole only and continue with your round, recording a score for the remaining holes.
  • If in an emergency, you have to leave the course, please return the card and write a brief explanation on the card for determination by the committee.
  • If you’re playing partner does not comply with NR guidelines you are not required to sign the card.
  • The committee will be assessing all non-returns in qualifying singles competitions at Carton and will be determining if the players qualify for a handicap adjustment.
Sanctions for NR’s: automatic suspension from the following weekend competition.

Leave No Trace

To maintain our excellent courses we ask all members to assist in keeping our greens, fairways and bunkers in pristine condition during the playing season. After you play a hole you should leave no trace behind you. This will make all members’ playing experiences much more enjoyable. With this in mind we are asking each member to remind themselves of the following points for the rest of the season.

When you arrive at the green please repair your own pitch mark plus one other whilst lining up your putt. Watch a short video on how to fix a pitch mark.
When starting your round always make sure you have a pitch mark repairer in your pocket. Remember a properly repaired pitch mark takes only a few days to heal. An unrepaired or poorly repaired one takes weeks.

Please make sure you replace your divot and encourage your playing partners to do likewise – as we all know it’s not a nice experience to have to play from a divot.

Make sure you or your playing partners never walk away from a bunker without raking it properly – remember you could be the next victim of a poorly raked bunker. Watch a video on how to rake a bunker.

We have two excellent courses – so let’s really try and keep them in excellent condition by reminding ourselves of the age old and proven measures above.

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