Local Rules of Golf

Update: June 2019

The new scorecards have arrived and these capture the revised Local Rules to reflect the new Rules of Golf. These revised Local rules are now live and relevant for all competitions. A more detailed version of rules (with some graphic illustrations) are available on link below:

Update April, 2019
A revised set of Local Rules have been agreed to reflect the new Rules of Golf. We are awaiting the next print of scorecards before putting the full set of these Local Rules up on the website. However, we have introduced 2 new Local Rules that we want to share with you now (see links below) in relation to some or all of the bunkers being out of play. From discussions with members, we have found many inconsistencies in the approach adopted to bunker(s) being out of play. Conscious of this, we sought advice from the GUI and we now have two clear Local Rules for bunkers. Please familiarise yourself with these rules which are also on display in the clubhouse. An abbreviated version of these 2 local rules will be on the new scorecards.

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