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  • Code of Conduct

    The intention of this document is to establish clear and acceptable behavior expectations for Carton House Golf Club members and guests. It is not intended to restrict the rights of anyone but rather to ensure that all members and their guests can expect to be treated with respect while playing at Carton House Golf Club 

    All Carton House members should

    Abide by the spirit, etiquette and rules of golf as defined in the current edition of R&A Rules of Golf. Watch a short video from the R&A on etiquette.

    • Treat other members and club staff fairly, equally and with respect

    • Follow any reasonable direction or requirement by a committee officer or authorised member of the club

    • Behave responsibly

    • Not physically or verbally harass others. 

    • Not discriminate against any person 

    • Not damage, steal or misuse club property

    • Not use offensive language or suggestions

    • Follow all club safety practices and requirements

    • Maintain the harmony and good name of the club

    • Respect the rights of other players and golf course staff 
    Any observed or reported breach or breaches of Code of Conduct by any member will be investigated, discussed and dealt with by Carton House Management and may result in either reprimand, suspension or revoking of club membership. 

    No application for membership can be accepted unless accompanied by a signed copy of the Code of Conduct.