Matchplay Competitions 2019

Updated 16 October, 2019

Monday, 25 March - entry deadline for all matchplays. 

Tuesday, 26 March - open draws completed for all matchplays by Competitions Committee. 

Wednesday, 3 April - publish date for all matchplays - links below. 

Singles Matchplay 2019
Winner - Brian O'Connor
Runner-Up - Ger Fitzgerald

Foursomes Matchplay 2019 

Winners - Tony Fitzgerald & David Fitzgerald
Runners-Up - Denis Gaffney Jnr & Joe Mulligan

Fourball Matchplay 2019 

Winners - JP Linnane & Brian O'Connor
Runners-Up - Seamus Lynch & Paul Mimnagh


The completion dates for each round are set out below. No extensions to these dates. We are aiming to complete all matchplays by end September before the course maintenance for the winter starts.


Results must be emailed to the mailbox or updated on the drawsheet on the noticeboard by the completion date of the specified round. Late notifications will not be accepted.


The onus is on both players / sets of players to engage early to set the date for the match.


Issues which cannot be resolved should be notified to the mailbox as early as possible for discussion /resolution. Any issues left till close to or on the round

completion date run the risk of both players / pairings being removed from the competition.


Matches must not be played within midweek and weekend competition timesheets.


The Competitions Committee decision is final.


Singles: To be played on the Montgomerie course (but may be played on O'Meara if both sides agree). Handicap differential is the full difference between the handicaps current at the match date.       

Foursomes: To be played on the O'Meara course but may be played on Montgomerie if both sides agree). Handicap differential is based on 50% of the difference in the combined total of each pairing - using handicaps current at match date.                                                                                        

Fourball: To be played on the O'Meara course (but may be
played on Montgomerie if both sides agree). Handicap differential is: low player plays off scratch; remaining players reduce their handicap by the low player's handicap amount, and apply 90% to the balance. Use handicaps current as at match date. 

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