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  • Competition Rules

    No Shows 

    No Shows are causing problems for competitions - we have had instances where two people booked in for the same tee time are no shows which causes a lot of disruption as we try to accommodate the person stranded. It also means that we have a mix or two and three players playing. No shows are depriving someone else of the opportunity to play when the tee times are booked. A no show defined as: 
    1. Not turning up for a competition tee time booked in your name 
    2. Cancellation of a tee time after the golf shop closes on the day preceding the competition 

    If you have a valid reason for not turning up or cancelling your tee time after the close of the golf shop on the preceding day should send the explanation by email to within 48 hours of the tee time to avoid further sanctions 
    Sanction for "No show: suspension from the following weekend's competition 

    Buggies The Men's Club will allow general use of golf buggies in Men's Club competitions for a trial period.  This subject to availability and weather conditions and will be reviewed. Medical Certs are not needed for the trial period.  The website will be updated with any changes

    “No Returns”

    It is each players responsibility to ensure that all competition cards in Qualifying Competitions, whether complete or not complete, are returned to the organizing Committee, and make such computer entries as may be required. Players who do not return cards are impacting the calculation of the Course Standard Scratch (CSS) which in turn impacts the handicaps of all competitors. 

    There is a high incidence of players entering qualifying competitions in Carton House and not returning cards or inputting scores to the computer. The Mens Committee following advice from the GUI have decided to implement the following competition conditions in order to reduce the number of “no-returns” and improve the accuracy of the CSS calculations. 

    Failure to Enter Scores on the Computer

    From the 1st July 2013 it will be a Condition of Competition that all players who enter a qualifying competition in Carton House must return a valid scorecard and input same to the computer.

    Players who do not return a card or enter their scores on the computer will face the following sanctions:

    • 1st and 2nd breach – suspension of right to compete in the following weeks Mens Club competition
    • 3rd breach – suspension or right to compete in Mens Club competitions for the following month
    • 4th breach – suspension of handicap for 1 month 

    Players who have a valid reason for not returning a scorecard and inputting it to the computer should email with 48 hours of the competition outlining the reason. 

    Players who face sanctions for breach of the Competition Conditions will be notified by email during the week following the competition.