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  • Inter Club Golf - Registration

    bigpicTo register your interest in any of the Carton House teams send an email with your name, handicap, phone number and email address to and indicate which teams are of interest to you. There are teams to suit all handicaps and we are keen to ensure as many members as possible become involved. So even if you have never played on teams before this is a good opportunity to now participate

  • Inter Club Program - 2016

    The Championships are open to all ILGU affiliated clubs and consist of 4 singles and 2 foursomes Inter-Club match play divisions.

    The venue and date for District Matches are arranged by each District Executive (our district is East-Leinster). Where possible, District Executive Committees allocate neutral venues for all District singles matches and where relevant, District foursomes matches.

    In singles match play only a player’s handicap on the 1st March will determine in which competition(s) she is eligible to compete during the current year.

    In the current year, a player (in singles match play only) may reduce her handicap to a maximum of two shots below the handicap range and may continue to be eligible to play in her division excluding Junior Cup where a player may reduce her handicap to a maximum of 1 shot only below the handicap range.

    Our entries into the 2016 East Leinster AIG Ladies Cups & Shields are:

    Intermediate Cup (16-22) Manager: Lucy Donegan
    First round matches to be played on home & away basis. 3 matches at home and 2 matches away, played on the same day. Club on top of the draw has home advantage
    1st Round: V Balcarrick Before 10th April

    Minor Cup (23-28) Manager: Ciara Greenwood
    2nd Round: V Luttrellstown Wed 20th April @ 13:15 In Swords

    Challenge Cup (29-26) Manager: Terry Wynne
    2nd Round: V Sutton Tues 26th April @ 12:15 In Howth

    Junior Foursomes (15-36) Manager: Margaret O’Loughlin
    Current Handicap applies and minimum combined 35.
    1st Round: V Balbriggan Before 24th April

    The draws for all competitions are available for viewing on


    Players must have a current CONGU Playing Handicap.

    No player shall play for more than one club in either singles or foursomes but a player can elect to play singles in one club and foursomes in another club.

    Match Play:
    In singles match play (except The Challenge Cup), a team must consist of 5 players nominated from a panel of a maximum of 7.

    In the Challenge Cup, a club may enter a team of less than 5 players and concede the last match.

    In foursomes match play a team must consist of 3 pairs nominated from a panel of a maximum of 8.

    In singles match play players must play in order of handicap with no shots conceded. In foursomes match play players must play in order of combined handicap with no shots conceded. A player/pair playing out of handicap order shall be disqualified from that match and her opponents awarded the match. There is no further penalty providing the remaining players play in order of handicap.

    Caddies: In all matches (including Finals) caddies are permitted in Singles Competitions. A players is prohibited from engaging a golf professional or assistant professional to serve as her caddy.
    Caddies are not permitted in foursomes matches.

    Step Down Player:
    A Club may elect to play one or more players from above the handicap range for a particular competition but they must play off the highest handicap in the competition range e.g. a player off 25 handicap can be selected for the Intermediate Cup but she must play off 22 handicap.
    A player may play for her correct division and a step down division.

    In accordance with the Rules of Golf each team may appoint one person who may give advice to members of that team at each venue. She must be identified to the Committee/Team Manager/opposing team in advance of giving advice and must not stand on a putting green.

  • Team Coaching

    Teams and Coaching – Message from Alex Mallaghan – Teams Manager

    I would like to thank all the ladies that have got back to me or signed up at the AGM and put their names forward for teams this year. We have had a great response which augurs well for 2016.

    Coaching has now started for those who want to be considered for teams and if you are interested in team coaching and are not on the Whats App coaching group please text your name to Ciara Greenwood (083 1723837) who can add you to either the morning or evening group.

    Based on your responses to which days suited best coaching is on Tuesday mornings at 10am and Tuesday evenings at 7pm. It began last Tuesday February 9th and is for five weeks. It takes place in the GUI and the cost for the five weeks is €40. This doesn’t cover the entire cost but the remainder will be supplemented by the club. You are asked however to pay the full €40 even if you have to miss a week.

    Before we know it matches will have to be played so for those of you who haven’t been playing regularly throughout the Winter it is important to try and get back as soon as possible. We have been lucky enough to get straight through into the second round in the Minor and Challenge but our first round for the Inter must be played (home and away same day) before the 10th of April. The Mixed first round must also be played by this date and the first practise for this is on Sunday afternoon February 21st.

    If you have any queries about the matches or your eligibility for teams please contact the respective managers or email :

    Inter Team – Lucy Donegan (16-22)
    Minor Team – Ciara Greenwood (23-28)
    Challenge Team – Terry Wynne (29-36)
    Mixed Team – Brian Cunningham & Ciara Greenwood
    Revive Active team – Margaret Mooney
    Junior Foursomes – Margaret O’Loughlin

    Kind regards,
    Alex Mallaghan.

  • REVIVE ACTIVE Ladies Fourball 2016

    A Regional Draw will take place in March 2016 for the first and preliminary round to decide order of play between clubs,

    Manager: Margaret Mooney
    The format of the Competition is 18 hole fourball match play.The winner is the team that wins 3 out of 5 matches.

    All matches shall be played to a result unless a team has already won.  the stipulated round of 18 holes is deemed to be extended by as many holes as are required for a match to be won.

    A team shall consist of 10 players.

    The combined handicap limit of each pair must not be less than 19 and not exceed 46.

    A club with Home Status may choose any three of the pairings to play at home.  The remaining two pairings shall play away. A club with Away Status may choose any three of the pairings to play away.  The remaining two pairings shall play at home.

    Top of the draw will indicate Home Status while the bottom of the draw will indicate Away Status for the preliminary and first round only.

    In each fourball match the lowest handicap player will play off scratch and will concede strokes to the other three players based on 90% of the difference between the full handicaps.

    In the event of a pair being disqualified for a breach of a Rule or Condition prior to the match being played the opposing pair shall be awarded the Match win.

    In the event of a pair being disqualified for a breach of a Rule or Condition after the match has been played the result shall be reversed.

    The HOME club should contact the opposing club to arrange the time and date for the match as soon as possible after the result is posted on the website.

    STEP DOWN: the club may elect to play one or more players with a higher handicap.  In such a case, if the combined limit exceeds 46 it must be the higher handicapped player who reduces her handicap to achieve the combined limit.

    Each pair must play in handicap order at each venue.

    The matches must be played on a home and away basis on the same day and should be played at approximately the same time. Three matches at home and two matches away.

    A choice of at least two days, one of which should be a weekend day, must be offered by each Team Captain.  The last day must not be offered as one of the tow days.

    If a day cannot be arranged for the match it must be played on the last day.  If one or other of the teams cannot play on the last day the match must be conceded.

    Caddies are not permitted.