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  • AGM 2018

    Captains Address

    Tom Healy's Captains Address at the AGM

    President Lee, ex Officio Captain Paul, Past Captains and members. I would like to say how privileged I feel to be elected as your Captain for 2018. I am excited for the year ahead and the challenge it presents.

    I would like to thank Paul for selecting me as his Vice Captain. I was deeply honoured when he asked me for this role. Paul has served this club by undertaking various roles on the committee over the years. As Captain, Paul has led us through a very difficult period from an uncertain future at the beginning of the year and through the sale process. Paul has always had the best interests of the club at heart. He has represented the members and our views on every occasion with dignity and integrity. He was always sensitive to Lee, Conor and the Mallaghan family and has laid a great foundation for the future with John Mullen and the Pyramid Group. The Men’s Club had very little control over events and, as Paul said, it was clear that the PLC were not in control of events either. This was a frustration for everybody but through it all, Paul managed to maintain upbeat and keep good relationships with all the stakeholders.

    Paul, I know you are preparing for life after being Captain by getting a new set of golf clubs. Please accept this gift as a thank you for all your contributions.

    This is an exciting time to be in Carton House. Its great to see Lee here tonight with his family. It took incredible vision from Lee to see the potential of Carton House all those years ago and even more passion to turn it in to the magnificent facility that we have today. We know that maintenance and investment in Carton was severely curtailed under NAMA but that’s the past! The resort will be transformed in the next few years with the investments being made by the Mullen family. You have heard from Bill, David and John about the plans for the golf facilities, these changes have started on the courses and in the courtyard. The presentation of the courses has been exceptional despite the bad weather in recent weeks. The greens, bunkers and fairways have held up impressively and we should acknowledge the work that John and his team are doing. More changes on the courses and in the Club House will be implemented before the start of the golf year and the improvements will continue through the year and for the next few years. Carton House will go back to the premier resort that we know that it can be, and I believe it will then go to a new level. The Committee will continue to represent the views of the members as expressed in the Survey and at the town-hall to the Development Group that was established in December and we will provide feedback as the plans evolve.

    It is a huge honour for Carton House to host the WATC. Ireland won the Bronze Medal in the Eisehower Trophy in Mexico in 2016, our best ever performance. We will get to see some of the best amateur players in the world here in Carton House this year. Some pervious participants include Justin Thomas, Ryan Moore, Ricky Barnes, Hunter Mahan, Paul Casey, Luke Donald, Jamie Donaldson and Cameron Davis. I appreciate that the courses being unavailable to member for up to 16 days is a significant disruption, but I also appreciate the work that David Kearney has done with the GUI and through his own contacts throughout the country to provide the best alternate facilities possible.

    Competitions are at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to spend 50% of our income on competitions this year. We have a similar schedule of competitions this year but we have move some of the competitions based on feedback and to accommodate the WATC.
    We have scheduled:
    ? 8 Medals
    ? Scratch Cups at the end of June and beginning of July
    ? Coonan Cup in July – Top 16 qualifiers
    ? Captain’s Prize which will be moved to August
    ? Presidents and Vice Captains Prize,
    ? Autumn and Winter Leagues
    ? Club Championship
    ? Match-plays
    ? Father & Son
    ? Senior Competitions (Category within competitions)
    ? 9-hole qualifying competition in addition to Semi Opens on Wednesdays.
    ? Team events - simple formats to avoid confusion
    ? Inter Club Teams (11 in all)
    ? Friday Night Members Wine & 9 which were very successful last year

    We have worked closely with John Plummer to arrange the competitions schedule around the major course maintenance, competitions are scheduled on the other course for the two weekends after maintenance.

    We tried to change the format of the Joint Captains drive-in over the last few years to speed them up, but they were still taking over five hours to get around. This year we will change the format to two 9-holes competitions where one is a mixed competition and the other will be for men only. If there is demand then we can arrange a third 9-holes competition on the Montgomerie course.

    We expect to have a Starter available when the 18 holes competitions commence in March. This means that we will be able to enforce our no-shows policy for weekend competitions. We will also implement a lock on BRS to prevent changes on the night preceding the competition to prevent late withdrawals. We will also enforce our no-returns policy – all scorecards must be returned promptly after the competition. We will also act on double bookings and early junior bookings for weekend competitions.

    Our Social program is designed to help build that welcoming and friendly environment. Our intention is to spend approx. 25% of our income on the social program.
    You have prepaid access to 5 social events:
    ? Captains Drive in March 3rd
    ? The Presidents Prize – Date to be confirmed
    ? The Captains Prize – August 11th & 18th
    ? Vice Captains Prize 22nd September
    ? The Year-end Event 15th December

    There is also a mixed social event every Friday from April through to September which is listed on the Diary. The Friday Night social were very popular last year and hopefully we can build on it this year with the support of the PLC.

    There is a club away day to Portmarnock Links golf course on Friday 25th May (as per the Diary) and a Club weekend away in Sligo on the last weekend of Sept. These were a real success in 2017 and I would like to thank Adrian Murphy and John Walsh for organizing these events.

    Inter Club
    We have 2 key goals when it comes to Inter-clubs:
    1. Involve as many people as possible and
    2. Win a Pennant.
    We will allocate up to 15% of our income on the Interclub program which will continue our Drive For Success in the many Inter Club competitions. The Senior Cup Team won a Leinster Pennant in 2017 which was fantastic – pennants are not easy to win so congratulations to Brian and the Senior Cup panel. Hopefully the Duggan Cup can take the next step and we can get more teams to make a break-through in 2018.

    Some of the GUI competitions have changed this year in terms of handicaps and schedules. This is an opportunity for more members compete in the teams. We will be inviting people to join the teams over the coming weeks so if you are interested then please volunteer to come on a panel.

    We have a new governance structure which we will implement to help take some of the workload off managers and to put better controls on spending.

    The feedback that we got about our communications last year was that we should make better use of the website and provide more timely updates. We will take this on board - if nothing else it will help eliminate the spread of incorrect information that has been doing the rounds recently. As I said earlier we will provide regular updates from the Development Group or Council and also from the Committee meetings. Communications need to be a two-way process – I will welcome feedback at anytime.

    David Kearney announced a mobile app version of the BRS system for competition bookings at the PLC AGM. We now have a new mobile app to send notifications to and allow members to update the contact details on the members system. We will roll this out over the coming weeks.

    I am delighted that Paul Mullarkey accepted the Vice Captain position. We have never had as much interest in the committee as we have had this year. It was only a few weeks ago I was twisting arms to get people to volunteer when it became apparent that we would have a number of people stepping down from the committee. It is fantastic that so many people are volunteering to commit their time to the Men’s Committee, that is to be welcomed by everybody. I want to thank to election sub-committee for all of their work over the last few weeks to organise this. The election has been a new experience for us; a new committee has now been elected and we will announce the roles in the next few days, but it is vital that as a club we put this behind us and move on in a constructive and supportive manner for the benefit of all of the members.

    I will try to represent all of the members of Carton House Golf Club, the Men’s Club, the Ladies Club and the Juniors to the best of my ability. We as a Committee will try to run this club effectively and in a transparent way for all members.

    Thank you for your support this evening and hopefully I can count on your support for the coming year. As Donald Trump might say - Let’s Make Carton Great Again. We all need to work together to make that happen. Have a great 2018.

    Thank you